Frequently Asked Questions

Can your bouncers and inflatables be setup on pavement?

Yes, but there will be an additional charge to set up on pavement. Contact us to inquire about your location.

Is a deposit required?

$50.00 deposit is required for most rentals. When two or more inflatables are rented, the deposit will be adjusted. Deposit will be applied towards rental fee.

What if I need to cancel?

We require a 48 hour notice of cancellation in order to refund a deposit. Once a driver is en route to the event or after the inflatable has been set up, no refund will be given. In the event of poor weather conditions we will be more than happy to reschedule your rental at no additional cost.

What is your wind policy?

Our inflatable units are never allowed to be set up or operated during inclement weather. Wind in excess of 20 mph is considered dangerous.

What type of power supply is needed?

Our blowers require their own dedicated 20-amp (110 volt) circuit in order to run. If a generator is used, it must be placed at least 15 feet from the blower.

What do my guest need to bring?

Everyone needs a pair of socks, then you will be ready for a great party!

Are there any clothing restrictions?

All users of the equipment are required to remove their shoes, earrings, glasses, keys, and sharp objects, as these can damage the equipment.

What do I need to do to prepare for the inflatable?

Please do not water your lawn 24 hours before the inflatable is scheduled to arrive. Make sure the area is cleared and recently mowed where inflatable will be placed. Remove any animal waste. The inflatable should be placed at least 10' from the home, but no more than 100 feet.

What if my yard has stickers?

We suggest that you try to mow and bag the grass. Stickers may damage the integrity of the inflatable causing tiny pin holes that can not be easily repaired.

Should I tip the driver?

Tips are not expected, but are greatly appreciated!